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Servers sdministration

It is an administrative care that requires knowledge, it is the care of the server infrastructure and entrusting tasks related to the maintenance and management of the client's servers, which is located in any location. Due to the need for constant care, it is sometimes more profitable to hire an external company that has the appropriate knowledge and qualifications to be able to provide the company not only with remote support in server management (such as creating new network shares) or the configuration of a newly attached device that needs to be operate in our network under certain conditions, but also support when one of these devices stops working and it is necessary to visit an experienced service technician to restore the device to proper operation as soon as possible.

What work is related to the work of the server administrator?

  • Infrastructure audit

    - the current server infrastructure is checked and its condition is assessed - if there are any objections detected by the administrator, we try to propose what can be changed to improve the infrastructure performance in terms of: security, performance.
  • Designing and implementing new solutions in the existing infrastructure

    - after the project is completed, it is presented to the client and optimized in such a way that the application / server works quickly and without problems.
  • We provide security

    - We make sure that the environment in which the infrastructure operates has adapted software (such as, for example, anti-virus programs / Firewalls).
  • Creating a backup copy

    - failures happen - we provide server backup configuration so that in the event of a fault, we can restore it to the last correctly functioning configuration as soon as possible.
  • Monitoring and support

    - we control the operation of the environment so that in the event of a failure we can react as quickly as possible or prevent it before the failure occurs.
  • Server optimization

    - This allows you to maximize the efficiency of using your resources while planning for future development. This solution allows you to noticeably increase not only the performance but also the efficiency of the server. In addition, the use of optimization allows you to verify the correct functioning - finding possible errors and their early elimination.

Support 24/7

The administrator takes care of the uninterrupted operation of the servers and constantly informs the client what is happening with the servers and reacts to any failures.

What does server management look like?

Discussing the client's safety expectations to prepare change guidelines for the client

Scope of server management

The scope of administrative care

Response times

Providing the specialist with administrative access

How do we manage servers?

After giving us administrative access, we become responsible for your network and servers. However, it is an action that is executed (or taken) at the very end. Before we proceed, we conduct a special security audit, along with obtaining information from the client, what he would like to change or what we should pay special attention to, thanks to which we will be able to prepare a report on the changes to the network infrastructure or software. The next step is to agree on the scope of server management, and such information (maybe not information, but some rules / rules) such as the response time we have to remove a defect, assign a service technician to a given customer and finally take care of us. We strive to ensure that our clients can focus on running their business without worrying about their infrastructure - we will do the rest.

Advantages of server optimization

This is a great way to increase server performance and efficiency

No additional costs - allows the company to focus on the company's goals.

It allows you to find bugs and get rid of them

Efficiency - quick response to failures - no portal paralysis

Availability - 24/7 server monitoring

Experience and Specialization

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