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Computer emergency service

Computer emergency service

Our company also provides computer service and IT emergency services. We fix desktop computers, laptops, and other IT devices. In most cases, we are able to solve the problem at the client's site.

When to call for help?

Computer or laptop does not turn on?

Operating system does not want to start?

Programs stop working?

Unwanted ads popping in the browser?

Computer or laptop is infected with a virus?

You need to install a new operating system (Windows, Linux, MacOS)?

Network needs to be configured (you bought new router and wifi is not working)?

Computer or laptop is slow?

Computer or laptop is turning off or rebooting?

You want to install a new program?

View is not showing on a screen?

Date, time is reset?

You forgot your password?

We fix operating systems

We specialize in servicing and solving problems in the following systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS.

Virus removal

Infected computer? Do not worry our technician will come and remove all viruses from your computer whatsmore he will make sure the computer is properly secured from viruses.

Computer, laptop service

The computer does not want to turn on or it keeps turning off? Call us and make an appointment with our expert.

Device cleaning, conservation, modernisation

In our IT management offer you can find services like device cleaning, conservation, and modernization.

Data recovery

We also take care of data recovery, if you lose it by accidently deleting it or other system malfunctions

Cooperation with software producents

We are working with producents of all kinds of software. That is why we fix any problems practically straightaway.

Software update check

Software updates are very important for data security stored on your devices. If you take interest in your data and computers security, let our specialists take care of the updates.
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